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26-Sep-2017 11:45

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First of all – they enabled optimistic locking for Invent Sum Log TTS table.Second – they invented ‘Soft Deletion’ of invent Sum Log TTS records, so the req Trans update function can mark records as processed without causing long locks to other processes (because of actual deletion).Since all explosion update process is run as a one big fat transaction, all updated records in invent Sum Log TTS will remain locked till end of this transaction and all other users, trying to schedule another production order, which happens to share any of direct or indirect subcomponents with order being re-scheduled, will have to wait till the transaction ends.Also, most probably, part of the records related to scheduled items were inserted by inventory closing in not yet committed transaction(s).In the worst case (and this worst case happens too often), the system was choosing incorrect execution plan. It was locking all the pages in the table, because the system was simply reading all pages with given data Area Id (because invent Trans do not have more specific index suitable for query conditions) thus leading to a total lock-up for 30-40 minutes.

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The worst part of it is that Invent Sum Log TTS table is locked in pessimistic mode.

The very fact that this was not made in a standard version of Dynamics AX can be considered as a design bug. Dynamics AX do have API to disabling logging to Invent Sum Log TTS.